P8 - Quail Hollow print

P8 - Quail Hollow print


I was inspired to create this quail illustration while visiting the Idaho Botanical Gardens one day. There are quail all over the place where I live in Boise, ID, and a particularly large group of them inhabits a certain thicket at one edge of the gardens. I accidentally startled them while wandering around the gardens and they all scurried off into their thicket. It got me thinking: what's it like inside the quail's thicket? This illustration is what I like to think the inside looks like. 

Great for animal lovers of all ages and anyone looking for cute, outdoorsy art, "Quail Hollow" is a beautiful 10 x 10 piece printed on vellum paper. Originally created with ink, colored pencil, and marker, each print of this piece is hand-signed and ships inside a clear plastic sleeve with cardboard backing.

- 10" x 10" art print
- Professionally printed on vellum paper
- All prints are signed by hand
- Comes in a clear sleeve with backing board

Barring any printing delays, your order will ship via USPS Priority Mail within 3 business days. For orders I cannot fill from the inventory I have on hand at the time, two weeks may be required to have the new items printed by my awesome local fine art printers. (If you have questions about the inventory I currently have on hand before placing an order, please just ask!) For new stockists only, payment for your order is requirement prior to shipping. 

Hello! I'm Kate, and I like making art that gets people thinking like kids again. A self-taught artist, I use a wide variety of media--everything from watercolor to straight-up Crayola crayon--to bring my ideas to life on the page. My favorite parts of my job are spending hours at the drafting table, getting to know and working with unique brick and mortar shops across the country, and sending my work to new homes!

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