Quail Hollow Print

Quail Hollow Print


I was inspired to create this quail illustration while visiting the Idaho Botanical Gardens one day. There are quail all over the place where I live in Boise, ID, and a particularly large group of them inhabits a certain thicket at one edge of the gardens. I accidentally startled them while wandering around the gardens and they all scurried off into their thicket. It got me thinking: what's it like inside the quail's thicket? This illustration is what I like to think the inside looks like. 

Item description:

☆ 10 x 10 in.
☆ Original was hand-drawn using ink and colored pencil
☆ Professionally printed on vellum paper by Evermore Prints, LLC in Boise
☆ Prints are signed by hand
☆ Ships in a clear sleeve with cardboard backing, inside a rigid mailer
☆ Please note: frame not included

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