The Maker Mixtapes: My Sunny Studio Playlist

Now that I'm in the studio full time (read: now that I'm a complete hermit), I've become completely reliant on audiobooks, podcasts, and playlists to keep me company during those long hours of painting, packaging, emailing, blogging, photo editing, and general lady-boss-ing.

I'll be doing posts about some of my favorite audiobooks and podcasts in the coming months, but for now, I'm introducing the first in a series of posts to share my favorite studio playlists!

This one is my Sunny Studio Playlist, or the one I put on in order to stay in an awesome mood when I've thrown my hair in a big messy bun, poured a huge cup of coffee, and buckled down into a long to-do list on a lovely, sunny day. You'll find that my taste in music is pretty eclectic, but if you're surprised by that after seeing my artwork, well, you're welcome to go take another gander at my hedgehogs and dinosaurs and beetles and dancing hamburgers. :)

I've embedded the Spotify playlist below, but if for some reason it's not working for you and your device of choice, you can find the playlist at this link.

Happy listening, and happy making!



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