Kate Peterson is a professional doodler based in Boise, Idaho who makes art under the name The Dapper Jackalope. She loves books, good food, and travel, but what gets her out of bed each day is the chance to make art that gets people of all ages thinking like kids again.

1992 - 
Kate writes and illustrates her first story, which is, naturally, about a hedgehog.

1999 -
 Kate’s first cartoon character, a mosquito named Skeet who is drawn exclusively in gelly roll pen, sweeps the binders of Chief Joseph Middle School in Bozeman, Montana. 

May 2013 -
 After earning her bachelor's in English from Linfield College, Kate graduates with a Master’s degree in Literature from Boise State University (despite the fact that her notebooks are filled with drawings of dinosaurs).

October 2013 - 
Kate’s other half, Nate, gives Kate her first set of Prismacolor markers for their anniversary. They become inseparable (and Nate hangs around most of the time, too). 

April 2014 - 
Kate makes her first-ever $20 from art, starts The Dapper Jackalope, and starts selling prints in her Etsy shop. 

July 2017 - Kate's first book came out! It's a creative journal called
You're Weird: a Creative Journal for Misfits, Oddballs, and Anyone Else Who's Uniquely Awesome and is published by TarcherPerigee, a division of Penguin Random House. Hooray!

The Dapper Jackalope can be found in stores across the US and at art shows around the West. Find a store or event near you and come say hello!